Alaskan Orca Absolutely Launches Sea Lion, Sends It Cartwheeling 20 Feet Into The Air

Alaska orca whale
Anglers Adventures - Ketchikan Alaska

Just launched him…

I just want to know the whole story here. Was it fun for the sea lion? Or just fun for the orca?

An orca or killer whale is a powerful and intelligent animal. The can grow to 30 feet long and weigh up to 10 tons. On top of their size, they have a large brain that works well. They can communicate and hunt in groups to increase their success.

These are highly abled creatures that swim up to 35 miles an hour and have incredible power in their fins. They are nicknamed killers for a reason.

Orcas will eat a variety of things from fish to squid or seals and sea lions. They are also the only animal that will hunt great white sharks on occasion.

During a hunt they are known to play with their food, make it more fun. When you are that good at hunting you have to make it more interesting.

These folks got a wild treat when they caught this orca playing with its prey while they were out on the boat.

A sea lion tried to use the boat as a safe zone and hide from the predator.

But the boat had to keep on going. The sea lion can’t keep up and gets well behind.

The people watch on as the sea lion swims for his life. Out of nowhere the orca flips upside down out of the water and launches the seal, sending it cartwheeling through time and space.

The people lose their minds as they process what just happened.

The power that thing has… to come out of the water and toss the sea lion with ease is just downright amazing.

“This morning near Ketchikan, Alaska a sea lion was hiding under our fishing boat because he was being stalked by a killer whale.

When we decided to leave the area the whale attacked the sea lion and tossed him 20 feet into the air!”

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Ya can’t beat nature.

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