Gecko Faces Off Against A Flying Snake To Save Other Gecko In Snake’s “Death Coil”

Andre Dida

Often times in nature, it’s an “every animal for itself” mentality, with a few exceptions from time to time.

In this case, a gecko was about to bite the dust if not for another one of its kind deciding to stand up to the attacking snake and help out. The gecko wrapped up in the death coil of the snake looked like it was a goner if not for “Super Gecko” flying in to save the day.

It appears that the less fortunate gecko got attacked by the snake at some point while it was traversing the rocky wall, and though it was still putting up a fight as the slithering creature wrapped its way around its head, it was definitely going to lose if not for the other gecko stepping in.

What happens once the “first responder gecko” shows up is actually pretty exciting. The snake is obviously upset that another creature is trying to interfere with its next meal, so it gets pretty aggressive on the defensive even as it continues to wrap and coil around the gecko it attacked first.

The snake, which the post identifies as a Chrysopelea (flying snake), lands a number of tough strikes on the gecko trying to help out, but that doesn’t stop it. Actually, it seems to motivate it even more to help rescue its kin.

At one point, the snake seems to really latch down on the approaching gecko, which seems to buy the other one time to loosen up the grip of the coil and move down the wall. Once the snake notices that its “dinner” is starting to get away, it turns its attention back to the gecko trying to escape from its grip.

That’s when the other gecko sees its best chance to end the fight once and for all, and bites down on the body of the snake. As the slithering reptile turns to try and counter the move, the gecko pulls the classic move of “you’re going down with me,” and as it holds onto the snake, it lets go of the wall and pulls the snake off with it.

The video cuts off there, so we don’t know exactly how the fight finishes up, but it does look like the gecko that was on the brink of death was saved by the heroics of the other gecko.

Take a look:

The replies below the video from X users shows that everyone that was watching the gecko versus snake encounter was rooting for the gecko:

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