Man Teaches Alligator To Play Fetch, Bringing New Meaning To The Nickname “Swamp Puppy”

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Geographically not sure where this took place, but it has “Florida Man” written all over it.

A TikTok of a man who taught an alligator to play fetch has gone viral. Yep…you heard that right, fetch.

I guess this is where the animals get the name “swamp puppies.”

The video shows the person behind the camera tossing a tennis ball into the water while standing on what appears to be a pond bank. The alligator swims out into the body of water, receiving the ball and returning it to the shore.

My jaw truly dropped when the gator released the tennis ball near the foot of the person behind the camera and waited at the bank, ready for more.

Hopefully, the person behind the camera was smart enough to bring two tennis balls to toss the next one before picking up the first retrieved ball.

Reaching down to pick up the brought-back ball seems like a surefire way to lose some fingers.

The TikTok user responded to a few comments on the video referring to the gator as his “pet.”

“We all play with our pets.” 

He replied to a woman noting how insane it was to be playing fetch with an alligator.

The star comment on the video goes to the man that left this one:

“Welcome to FL! That gator will be rideable soon.” 

As I said…”Florida Man” is written all over this.

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