Former Auburn Football Player Helps Bail His Wife Out Of Jail After She Hired A Hitman To Kill Him

Lindsay Shiver

Taking that whole “till death do us part” thing pretty seriously, eh?

Over the weekend, Lindsay Shiver, a former cheerleader, was arrested in the Bahamas for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her husband, former Auburn football player Robert Shiver.

Robert was a long snapper for the Tigers from 2006-2008, and now works as an insurance executive.

Police discovered the murder-for-hire plot while investigating a separate criminal case, a break-in at a local bar, when they found text messages discussing the plans to have Robert killed. Lindsay’s lover Terrance Bethel and the alleged hitman, Farron Newbold, were also arrested.

The couple had recently filed for divorce, and were in the middle of a contentious custody battle, after Lindsay was allegedly caught having an affair. The wife was staying at the couple’s vacation home in the Bahamas while her husband was at their home in Georgia.

But Lindsay is now out of jail – thanks to her husband, whom she planned to have killed.

Prosecutors in the Bahamas withdrew their objection to Lindsay’s request for bail after speaking with Robert, who did not object to her release from jail in Nassau. She was granted a $100,000 bond, and was later released to her home in the Bahamas.

Under the conditions of her release, Lindsay must remain in the Bahamas, check in with police on a regular basis, and wear an ankle monitor until she returns to court in October.

I mean, sure she has to wear a monitor, but there are worse places to have to serve house arrest than a mansion on a Caribbean island…

Meanwhile back in Georgia, Robert says he still hasn’t told his kids about the murder-for-hire plot their mother was allegedly trying to orchestrate, but he is seeking full custody of the couple’s three children. Lindsay, on the other hand, accused her husband of domestic abuse and cutting off her access to a private jet, among other assets.

Absolutely wild…

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