California Idiot Tries To Ride Bison Who’s Bedded Down In National Park Forest

Bison bedded down
John Smith

I’m not sure what it will take for people to understand that you really, really, really shouldn’t approach bison, or any wild animal for that matter.

There is an endless amount of video proof about how bothering wildlife can go wrong, like this pit bull getting launched by a bison, these sea lions scaring people off the beach, or this raccoon chasing a woman down the street. Yet somehow, people forget all about stuff like that and decide to idiotically waltz up to animals in their natural habitat.

Some might say people like that aren’t intelligent, while others might call them “Natural Selection Supporters.” Either description works, especially for this video below of a man walking right up a bison that was bedded down in a California forest.

It appears that this person filmed the interaction himself, apparently wanting to document his stupidity in case things went south. He also decided that in order to keep the bison calm, he was going to speak to it and ask it questions in English, which I’m sure the bison fully understood.

As he walks towards the bison laying down on the forest floor, the man says:

“Hi…I’m your friend. Hi! I’m your friend. Do you mind if I ride you? Can I ride you?”

That’s when bison scares the man, basically saying “no you can’t ride me.” A quick jolt of movement, along with a rapid wagging of its tail, let the man now as clearly as possible that the bison didn’t want to mess with him. Even though the beast could make pretty short work of the tourist…

Once it is clear that riding the bison is off the table, the man counters with another question:

“Can I pet you? Can I pet you?”

If only the bison could talk and put this idiot in his place. Instead of getting up and hurting the man who first wanted to ride him, then wanted to pet him, the bison gets up and runs off. Once it’s a safe distance away, it stays standing and peers over at the man that had just been bothering him.’

The video continues, along with the parade of dumb questions, as the man asks:

“You’re not very friendly are you?”

Yeah it’s not very friendly, it’s a wild bison. What is it supposed to do?

Take a look at the ridiculous video below:

Plenty of YouTubers stopped into the comments section of the video and left their thoughts about the encounter.

And you know how I said earlier “if only this bison could talk?” Well, some of the comments give us a pretty good idea of what the bison probably would have said:

“Tourist: ‘You’re not very friendly, are you?’ Bison: ‘You’re not very bright, are you?'”

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe some humans actually can be this stupid, but here we are.”

“Damn, I was so looking forward to the part when the bison flings him 12 feet into the air.”

“Bison: ‘Considering the fact that you aren’t in the shape of a pancake yet, I would say say that I am pretty friendly.'”

“That is by far the chillest bison I’ve ever seen. This dude is both the dumbest and luckiest man alive.”


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