Hunters Take Out 287 Snow Geese In A Matter Of Seconds

Goose hunting
Mark Schutzius

What a hunt.

I mean, it literally cannot get any better than this. And if it can, please show me.

I’ve had dreams where hunts went this good but have never actually experienced it. Every shot you take, even if you miss the target, is taking a bird down.

Snow geese are a cool bird. They primarily have all-white feathers, so needless to say, their name is fitting. They live in Northern areas as far up as Alaska and travel as far as Mexico in the winter.

These birds have become so abundant that they are wrecking farm fields. But they are now so abundant they are also ruining their nesting grounds in the artic because there are so many birds there at once.

A great way to deal with populations that are to high is to hunt them. Open bag limit hunts can be fun, educational and help give wildlife biologists data they need to manage the population.

This can lead to some wild hunts with big numbers going down.

These fellas showed how crazy it can be. They set up on a field edge and just let the geese roll into the field.

They explain how this is encouraged and is conservation in the video.

It then switches to them standing up and start firing. It sounds like a warzone with shot after shot with what seems to be thousands of snow geese flying.

Shot after shot the guys keep dropping the geese.

Then the pickup starts. The final count is 287 snow geese down. The pictures of them piled up is insane, they fill the bed of a truck and still of more.



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