Justin Moore & Priscilla Block Release Acoustic Version Of Steamy Duet “You, Me And Whiskey”

Justin Moore Priscilla Block country music
Cody Villalobos

How do you make a steamy song even sexier?

You release an acoustic version.

Justin Moore and Priscilla Block released the sultry duet “You, Me and Whiskey” last year, and the song’s been climbing the charts ever since, currently sitting at #4 on the Mediabase chart and poised to make a run at the top spot in the coming weeks.

The duet is all about rekindling the romance in a relationship every once in awhile – and the steamy video that the duo released earlier this year leaves little to the imagination as they sing about lighting that fire:

“It was you, me and whiskey all night long
Sinkin’ to the bottom of them country songs
Fire burnin’ hot ’til the last drop’s gone
Let’s turn it up, turn it up til we
Take that black label buzz too far
And say them things that stay in the dark
Ain’t nothin’ as sweet, ain’t nothin as strong
As you, me, and whiskey all night long”

And now, they’ve spiced things up even more with a surprise acoustic version of the hit song.

Justin and Priscilla hit the road together earlier this year for the You, Me and Whiskey Tour, and recently announced a few more dates in the fall – so if you want to hear the song live, get your ass to a show.

I know it’s hotter than hell outside right now, but if you want to heat things up even more, Justin and Priscilla have got you covered.

And of course the video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock