14-Foot Hammerhead Shark Swims Directly Towards Group Of Swimmers In Florida

hammerhead sharl
Evan Parness

Picture this…

You’re standing out in the ocean, just hanging out with your buddies, when all of a sudden you see the dorsal fin of a shark swimming directly at you…

What are you gonna do?

I’d probably turn into a child real quick and start freaking out, and I’m man enough to say it.

So, all I have to say is props to these people for just standing there, and accepting their fate that the shark could possibly send them to the afterlife at any second.

This one went down in the fine state of Florida, when a massive, 14 foot long and 1,000 pound shark started swimming directly towards a group of eight people.

They just stood there, as a few people even pulled out their phones and started recording.

I know, I know, hammerheads very, VERY rarely attack humans, but I can’t say I wouldn’t lose it if I saw a 14 footer swimming right at me.

Luckily, the shark makes a quick turn to the left and begins to swim in the opposite direction.

The drone footage was shot by videographer Evan Parness, and he wrote in the caption:

“When you come face to face with a massive 14ft, 1,000lb Great Hammerhead! A moment between man & dinosaur. This took place just feet from the shoreline.

This was easily the most intense clip I’ve ever filmed. Thankfully I had the drone up in the air. This video is obviously slowed down, but while this was going down in real time, it felt like it was in slow motion while I was watching it live on my screen.

Especially since these are my friends lol Garret Ruonavaara and Blade Warren & crew handled this cool as ice! Especially since they were able to see the sharks massive dorsal fin the entire time, coming straight at them. When you come down to FL on vacation, don’t rule out a massive hammerhead checking you out!

As this was unfolding, I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen. I was expecting the shark to turn earlier than it did, but clearly, it wanted to fully investigate the Michigan bros..

Since this was a Great hammerhead, I knew the odds of something bad happening were slim. But at the end of the day, nature is unpredictable & anything can happen.

Thankfully, this beast just wanted to see what was going on & once he realized it wasn’t what he was looking for.. (blacktip sharks) he got on his way.

While sharks have a bad reputation & people demonize them, this video is just more proof that we’re not on their menu & they really don’t want anything to do with us.

This shark could’ve easily killed someone if it wanted to. “

Check it out:

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