Five Year Old Joins Shenandoah On Stage And Nails Every Word To “Two Dozen Roses”

Shenandoah country music

This kid’s going places.

Shenandoah is an iconic ’90s country band. In fact, they’re probably my favorite of all of the bands that came out of that era. Their string of hits, from songs like “Two Dozen Roses” and “Church on Cumberland Road” to ballads like “Ghost in This House” and “Moon Over Georgia”…it doesn’t get much better.

I saw Shenandoah live for the first time just a few months ago, and even 30-plus years after they burst onto the scene, Marty Raybon and the boys still put on one hell of a show, bolstered by their deep catalog of certified hits.

So it’s nice to see a new generation of country music fans still loving Shenandoah.

And Cutler Lumbard is a BIG Shenandoah fan.

The five year old recently racked up over six million views on TikTok on a video of himself hanging out on a boat docked outside of the legendary Flora-Bama down on the Gulf Coast while belting out every word to the Shenandoah classic “Two Dozen Roses.”

@cutlerlumbardband #fyp @Shenandoah #shenandoah @Flora-Bama @Heather Mullins #orangebeachalabama ♬ original sound – Country Cutler

And it turns out the video caught the attention of the band themselves.

So during a recent show, Shenandoah invited young Cutler to join them onstage and show off his chops.

Lead singer Marty Raybon introduced Culter to the crowd:

“He’s got over five million views on this tune.”

Then he turned the stage over to the five year old – who was right at home shaking hands and giving out high fives before his performance:

“Are you ready to cook bro? You ready to get after it?”

Well Cutler definitely cooked – and nailed every damn word of the song in an incredible performance that the band also streamed live on their Facebook page.

@cutlerlumbardband Such an awesome experience for Cutler man! Special shout out to @Shenandoah and Steve Allen for putting this together! #fyp #fypシ #twodozenroses #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Country Cutler

Kid’s going places. What a natural.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock