Ridiculous Haters Are Already Saying Caitlin Clark Isn’t Going To Make It In The WNBA Because She Struggled In Her Second Game

Caitlin Clark
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Well that didn’t take long.

College superstar Caitlin Clark might be in for a rude awakening in the WNBA. That’s at least what the “haters” are saying after the former standout Iowa Hawkeye struggled in her second game of her professional career. Oh, and to be specific, it’s her second pre-season game.

Typical sports fan overreaction right there. Clark hasn’t even technically started her WNBA career, and those wishing for her to not work out in the pros are jumping on the fact that she hasn’t started out all that well. I guess young athletes don’t get transition or adjustment periods anymore?

In two pre-season games, Clark has shot 10 for 27 from the field, which gives her a 37% field goal percentage. That’s not all that bad, but the women’s basketball superstar will obviously be held to a high standard because of what she has already accomplished.

She’s impacted other parts of the game as well, and she’s ultimately going to be just fine (in my opinion), but her early struggles have led many to point out some of the not-so-great stats:

And the haters have also referenced a quote from WNBA legend Diana Taurasi, who warned the sports world during the 2024 Women’s Final Four that Caitlin might not be as impressive when she got to the pros:

“Reality is coming, there’s levels to this thing. You look superhuman playing against some 18 years olds but you’re going to come play with some grown women that have been playing professional basketball for a long time.

Not saying that it’s not going to translate, when you’re great at you do you’re just going to get better, but there is going to be a transition period when you have to give some grace as a rookie, it make take a little bit longer for some people.”

As Taurasi questioned how easy the game would be for Clark, even she said there would likely be a transition period. But as sports fans do, they disregarded that part and instead opted to claim that the great Caitlin Clark wasn’t going to be all-that-great in the WNBA:

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