Shania Twain & Billy Currington Reunite For Faster Horses Performance Of 2004 Hit “Party For Two”

Shania Twain country music
Scott Legato/Getty Images

A classic duet.

Shania Twain and Billy Currington’s “Party For Two” is an iconic tune from the early 2000s. The pop-country single was a massive hit for Twain, and the back-and-forth conversation between Twain and Currington is one of the most recognizable conversational songs.

This past weekend at Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan, Twain surprised the crowd during her headlining set and brought out Billy Currington for the duet.

It makes perfect sense; Currington was also performing at the festival, so why not get together and bring the single to the stage for the first time in a LONG time. In fact, it has been nearly twenty years since the two graced a stage together.

“What a party at Faster Horses Festival!

I even had the cutest member of the audience join me on stage for “Any Man Of Mine” and Billy Currington for a little ‘Party For Two.'”

They last performed the song together for Good Morning America in 2004.

It really dates how long it’s been since the TV host announced Currington as “the hot new kid on the block.”

Now two decades later, they sound just as good as they did back in 2004.

“Billy, let me ask you one more time…

Billy, are you ready for a party?”

Shania says to the coastal cowboy on stage.

“Let’s get it.”

Currington replies.

When they get to the song’s chorus, they have the crowd singing along. The crowd is having a blast soaking in the historic moment on stage.

Say what you may about Shania’s current tour (the reviews haven’t been great), but you can’t deny she is pulling out all the stops for who joins her on stage.

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