Kolby Cooper Shares Adorable Video Of His Baby Girls Belting Out Words To Upcoming Single “Kill Me”

Kolby Cooper
Kolby Cooper

Well, if this isn’t one of the sweetest videos.

Kolby Cooper has been on a major promotion kick for his new single “Kill Me,” which drops tonight at midnight.

While we are all excited about the single from the teaser clips, Cooper has shared he is also thrilled about the release.

“Kill Me is the beginning of the next chapter of what we’re doing. It’s the sound we’ve been working for since I was 18.

So to have one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of creating being so close to coming out, I’m shaking. I can’t wait for everyone to hear how hard we’ve worked!”

Today, he took to TikTok to share a video of him playing the song acoustically to hype fans up for the drop tonight, and in the video, there are some special backup singers.

I know two girls who are excited for tonight.”

He captioned the video as his daughters Charlee and Josie belt out the chorus in the background. Cooper grins across his face as the little voices chime in, and then he gives the girls a high-five after the clip.

His two biggest fans are showing out for their dad.

Kobly Cooper also shared a TikTok earlier this week addressing the pink suitcase tattoo he has on his forearm.

“I got it a couple of years ago. Before we had our boy in January, I was just a girl dad. 

And I got it so every time I look down, I see a pink suitcase I thought of my little baby girls back home back in Texas. 

With three kids, it is so tender seeing the family man that Cooper is off stage.

I think he gets major brownie points toward a Dad of the Year award from these two videos.

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