Brittany Aldean Thanks Fans Amid “Try That In A Small Town” Controversy: “Lions Not Sheep… Thankful For The Support”

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Brittany Aldean speaks out again.

Jason Aldean’s new “Try That In A Small Town” music video has turned into quite the polarizing political conversation.

From CMT pulling the video to Sheryl Crow calling the messaging “lame,”and even politicians like former president Trump chiming in… the song is the hottest topic of the music industry right now (primarily from people who don’t even listen to country music), but the hottest topic nonetheless.

I’m sure Miranda Lambert’s PR team is glad something else swooped in to take the attention off her…

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, has always backed her husband, sometimes even leading the charge with their conservative political views, and as soon the controversy broke, she posted to her Instagram story:

“Media… it’s the same song and dance. Twist everything you can to fit your repulsive narrative.

How about instead of creating stories, we focus on the REAL ones such as CHILD TRAFFICKING? Food for thought.”

And despite the backlash and being removed by CMT, the song has since risen to the top of the iTunes country charts, proving once again that controversy sells, whether good or bad. The Streisand Effect on full display…

However, Brittany chimed in again late last night, once again sharing a screenshot of the video and single sitting at #1, and then shared an Instagram post of herself with the caption:

“Man, do we love y’all. 

Free thinkers, lions not sheep… thankful for the support, always!”

As the controversy around the music video continues to rise, I have been keeping a close eye if it will remain on YouTube.

The video content platform has a history of pulling videos down that strike up hot opinions, and “Try That In A Small Town” has been on that path for the past three days. Although, if their goal is to give the video less attention, removing it now would probably do the opposite…

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