Salmon Swims Around With A Massive Chunk Out Of Its Back Following A Bear Attack

WTF Nature

That’s gotta hurt.

But he doesn’t seem to be bothered?

Nature is truly a place where only the strong survive and it constantly amazes me what all these creatures can go through and still keep on going.

Salmon are some of the most amazing fish out there. They are some of the most researched and known fish around the world. The main reason is they are great to eat, like really the best. And they are super fun to catch while fish.

Their life cycle is widely known as they go out to the ocean and live their life until they are ready to reproduce. As they head back into their native river, the change in the water starts to wear on them and they use all of their energy getting upstream to spawn.

This results in rivers full of dying and weak salmon which creates a feast for everything else. Bears are known to flock to the rivers during this period and fish their hearts out eating the protein rich salmon all day long.

This salmon clearly had a close call.

The sockeye salmon is seen swimming around in a school of fish. Except he isn’t just swimming, he is swimming while missing the whole hump on his back.

You can literally see a full bite taken out of his back. But he just keeps on swimming.

Nature is crazy, these fish and wildlife just have to keep surviving no matter what.

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