Grizzly Bear Effortlessly Drags Road-Kill Deer Across A Highway

Bear attacks elk calf
Shea Hillis

It’s a bad day to be a deer…

Or whatever day it was when the deer got hit by a car, that was actually the bad day to be this particular deer. Probably a good thing that it wasn’t alive to experience being dragged across an asphalt road by a grizzly bear.

And if this thing did get hit by a vehicle, of course that’s unfortunate for it, but a pretty good deal for the rest of the population. Instead of this grizzly going after a live deer, it decided to settle for this “easy catch” that was laying on the side of the road.

Is this the nature version of recycling? Not letting something go to waste and making a meal out of what otherwise would have been asphalt artwork seems like it is to me. Props to this bear for looking out for the planet, and obviously looking out for itself and its appetite.

I know the bear probably didn’t care about this, but I’m sure that however long the deer was sitting on the side of the road didn’t necessarily help the “flavor” of the venison. Who knows though, maybe sitting in the sun for a couple of hours gave it a little bit of a medium rare texture.

And how about the impressive showing of strength by this grizzly bear? The big animal threw around that deer like a ragdoll, making it look like a pretty easy lift as it walked the carcass across the street.

Personally, I didn’t like that it seemingly sought out eye contact from the people in the vehicle as it began to drag the deer down the hill. It was probably just keeping an eye on the car so it could safely make its way across the road (unlike the deer did), but it was still pretty intimidating and somewhat unsettling.

The clip was posted to NatureIsMetal (indeed it is) with a caption elaborating on the whole grizzly bear encounter:

“Spotting a deer, presumably a casualty of human intervention (vehicle strike), this brown bear didn’t hesitate to get in the ditch and seize the moment. With strength that puts the best of humanity’s gym-goers to shame, he scoops up the deer and whisks it across the road, transforming a tragic loss into a life-giving meal.

Impressive? Absolutely. Surprising? Not for those well-versed in the raw realities of the wild.

Absolutely nothing goes to waste out there – I wish I could say the same for the way humans operate.”

Those in the comments section below the post were pretty impressed by the bear’s resourcefulness and strength, saying:

“That bear was intentionally showing them he’s king in the woods.”

“Why did the deer cross the road?”

“I love his defensive mode. Nobody is taking that carcass”

“‘What the f*** are you looking at?'”

“Just taking his deer for a walk.”

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