Georgia Dad Beats Rabid Beaver To Death After It Attacks His Daughter On Lake Lanier

Andrew Patrick

If you’re from the state of Georgia, or even bordering states, then you’ve more than likely heard the horror stories about Lake Lanier.

Legend has it, it’s the most haunted lake in the southeast, as hundreds of people have been known to go underwater and never come back up in mysterious circumstances.

On top of that, there’s stories of ghosts that haunt the waters, and even mutant fish that live deep within the waters.

However, apparently Lake Lanier has more than just ghosts and mutant fish…

They’ve got rabid beavers.

According to accessWDUN, a beaver attacked and bit a young girl who was swimming in Lake Lanier on the Sardis side of the lake.

The father then proceeded to basically beat the beaver to death in order to help his daughter get away.

“During the course of the attack, the father of the girl intervened and killed the beaver using blunt-force trauma.”

Blunt force trauma… damn.

The beaver was then sent to the state lab to be tested for rabies.

Initially, officials believed that there must have been baby beavers in the area that the attacking beaver was trying to protect its young. Also, at first sight, the beaver also didn’t appear to be sick.

However, tests showed that the beaver did indeed have rabies.

There is currently no status on the health of the girl that was bitten, although she more than likely received a number of precautionary rabies shots.

Talk about a terrifying situation for both the girl and her family, but nevertheless, the legend of Lake Lanier lives on.

Beavers aren’t normally very aggressive, however when rabid, they can actively attack humans and pets.

This video from a few years ago shows a rabid beaver chasing a man through the water, and even more on dry land. And with those big, tree-cutting teeth, you don’t want to tangle with an angry one.


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