Morgan Wade Drops Second Single From Forthcoming ‘Psychopath’ Album, “80’s Movie”

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It’s a great Monday because Morgan Wade has a new song out everywhere.

“80’s Movie,” from her forthcoming Psychopath album, details how she knows the relationship she’s in is headed for heartbreak, though she can’t help but hold on as long as possible because of the ways she feels in the moment.

Written by Morgan along with her producer Sadler Vaden, the production definitely has a Springsteen, heartland rock vibe to it, which certainly fits the concept of the song and what she wants to get across here.

And of course, there’s quite a few great references to some of the most iconic 1980’s movie’s of all-time, like When Harry Met Sally… and Dirty Dancing (my personal favorite):

“The way you grabbed me
When Harry met Sally
You made me laugh
Like an 80’s movie
You drove me crazy
Like Baby and Swayze
Laying in the grass
Like an 80’s movie

Hopeless romantic
Now we’re dirty dancing
I had the time of my life
I know you’re a mistake
And I’m heading for heartbreak
So I take your hand
Like an 80’s movie”

And of course, her vocals are absolutely gorgeous on this track too, per the usual.

Morgan previously released the title track to her new record, and Psychopath is due out everywhere here pretty soon on August 25th.

She also put out a new music video today as well, which you can check out below. August really can’t get here soon enough…

“80’s Movie”

This new album is Morgan’s sophomore studio record, and she says the album will focus on everything she’s been through since her debut Reckless came out in 2021:

“With ‘Psychopath,’ we’ve done a really good job of moving on from ‘Reckless,’ to the next stage without it being so crazy different.

I’m excited, every song on there has its own sound and is completely different. The album goes into where I’m at in life right now.

Which is so busy. It’s about growing up and being older, and starting to feel like, ‘Is it time to settle down?’ I think you’ll see a lot of that on the record.”

She is currently out on the road playing tons of festivals this summer, and is gearing up to take some time off at the end of the year as she will undergo a preventative double mastectomy in November:


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