Dolly Parton Says Her #1 Pet Peeve Is That “Nobody Notices I’ve Got A Great A**, Too!”

Dolly Parton country music

Dolly Parton is and always has been my kinda girl.

The Queen of Country is obviously a musical and pop culture icon at this point, but I’ve always absolutely adored her sense of humor as much as almost anything else about her.

I’m convinced she could’ve been a bona fide comedian had the whole music thing not worked out, but I digress…

Back in 1995, Dolly stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman to do the regular “Top Ten List” segment, and it’s pretty damn hysterical, to say the least. Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s Top 10 list is great too, if you’ve never seen it before you can check it out HERE.

Dolly had the category “Top 10 Pet Peeves”, and a few of them include:

-“Accountants who don’t understand how much it costs to make me look this cheap.”

-“When the county declares my hair a fire hazard.”

-“Rhinestone rash.”

-“Smartass emcees who introduce you by saying, ‘Here they are, Dolly Parton!'”

All very valid and annoying pet peeves, indeed.

But her #1 pet peeve is quite possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever heard:

“Nobody notices I’ve got a great ass, too!”

A national treasure… Dolly simply must be protected at all costs:

You can watch the whole video here, and I highly suggest taking a few minutes out of your day for a few good laughs this Friday morning:

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