Massive Hammerhead Shark Swims Incredibly Close To Beachgoers In Florida

Hammerhead shark Florida
Cristy Cox

Yep, that’s way too close for comfort.

The 4th of July is one of the most beloved holidays across the country, as family and friends gather together to celebrate the day of our nation’s Independence.

Whether it’s in a backyard, on the lake, or by the beach, it’s always a good time…

Until you find yourself only a few feet away from a MASSIVE hammerhead shark while swimming in the ocean.

This is a terrifying reality that a bunch of beachgoers faced over 4th of July weekend in Florida, and needless to say, it could’ve gotten nasty.

In the wild video footage from Navarre Beach, you can see the massive shark swimming uncomfortably close to shore, as a ton of people in the water begin to rush towards the beach, including a number of children.

However, some brave souls (or morons, I guess you can decide) stayed out in the water and observed the hammerhead, as you can hear people shout from the shore:

“Get out of the water!”

“Good god people!”

You can also see a person who is still in the water, and several yards from shore with the massive shark standing between the person and the sand…

Talk about a helpless feeling.

Yep, you best believe I’m gonna keep my happy a** on the beach and enjoy some ice cold beer, and not have to worry about getting mauled alive by one of these things.

Check it out:

Another hammerhead was spotted about 45 miles away in Perdido Key:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock