On This Date: Vince Gill Released “I Still Believe In You” In 1992

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Is there a better “take me back” love song than “I Still Believe in You” by Vince Gill?

I’d be willing to wait for a little bit while you try and find one that trumps this 90’s country classic. The tune was recorded and co-written by country music star Vince Gill, and was release as the first single for the album of the same name, I Still Believe in You.

John Barlow Jarvis and Vince Gill created the song and brought it to life, and it’s a good thing they did, because the Vince Gill product quickly became a hit. “I Still Believe in You” made its way to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles upon its release in 1994, 31 years ago today.

When it debuted, the song held the 55th spot on what is now the Hot Country Songs charts for the week of July the 4th. There was something about the message of the song that connected with country music fans and made the tune one of Gill’s most popular and recognizable.

The lyrics of “I Still Believe in You” tell the story of romance gone wrong, with one partner pleading with the other to take them back. In the relationship that didn’t work out, the narrator concedes that they did not spend enough time with their former love interest and vows to make it up to her by not being selfish anymore.

The beginning of the song sings:

“Everybody wants a little piece of my timeBut still I put you at the end of the lineHow it breaks my heart to cause you this painTo see the tears you cry fallin’ like rain

Give me the chance to proveAnd I’ll make it up to you

I still believe in youWith a love that will always beStanding so strong and trueBaby I still believe in you and me”

Pair those heartfelt lyrics with Vince Gill’s velvety voice and you get one hell of a country music hit. And like I always say about older country songs (sorry for being repetitive, but it’s true), they simply don’t make music videos like they used to.

Take a look:

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