Tourists Walk Right Up To A Bull Elk With Their Baby In Jasper National Park

Yellowstone elk
Tourons of Yellowstone

This is not okay.

It’s one thing to put yourself, as an adult, at risk of getting run over by a wild animal. But don’t do it to the children.

Elk are powerful animals, capable of running over nearly anything it wants too. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and stand over 5 tall at the shoulder. That’s not an animal you want to catch a kick from.

Bull elk grow antlers that can be amazing. They can be 6 feet long with multiple sharp points coming of them, making them ready for defense and mating battles. They look great above your fireplace, but not so great coming at your midsection.

Elk can become aggressive with people when they get close. They like to feel safe and will act violently to ensure they do.

This is why we have to stay a safe distance away from these wild animals.

These folks just didn’t get it though, like at all…

In Jasper National Park these two people are seen walking right in front of a massive, bedded bull elk. The elk is seen sporting antlers that show he is well mature.

To make matters worse they have their baby strapped in for the ride as well.

Thankfully, nothing happened, but my goodness people… do better.

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