Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow Leaves Big Fat Tip At Ohio Deli

Joe Burrow Bengals
Brown Bag Deli

It’s no secret that Joe Burrow has become the golden child of Cincinnati, after his impressive first two full years in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, Joey B isn’t afraid to give back to his home state, and he proved that recently when he made a trip to the Brown Bag Deli in the German Village, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Employee Ethan Benton recalled when Burrow walked into the restaurant, and heard an order for their best selling sandwiches, four Classic Subs.

Benton recalled:

“It was really slow until all these people came in, so it was a bit of a rush.

I didn’t know who it was (at first), but it was Joe Burrow. I guess he needs his fuel.”

Burrow enjoyed his meal which also featured locally made baklava, along with some friends.

He even was featured on the restaurant’s Instagram page:

Benton continued:

“It was wild. It is cool to know I toasted up his sandwiches… He just seems like a nice guy.”

And on top of that, Burrow left a sweet tip as well, tipping $50 for the $57 bill.

Brown Bag Deli owner Molly Merkle said:

“They just really emphasized how he was so polite and kind and obviously very generous with his tip, which is just lovely. He’s a great guy.”

AnnMarie McCallister also got word that Burrow had gotten his hands on her homemade baklava, and said:

“My husband said, ‘Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re awake, I almost woke you up last night.’ We’ve been married 25 years; he knows not to wake me up unless it’s really important.”

Burrow got to enjoy some great food, and Brown Bag Deli got to meet one of Ohio’s favorite quarterbacks, and received a fat tip as well.

Although, we know Joey Burrrrrrow got that coin… a W for everybody involved.

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