LSU Fan Goes Viral After Shooting His Shot And Getting Brutally Rejected On Live TV During The College World Series

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I’ll admit from firsthand experience, there’s not a more deflating feeling on this planet than working up the courage to shoot your shot with a woman, only to be shot down immediately.

I mean seriously, when your buddies are hyping you up and you feel like there’s a 100% chance you’re AT LEAST going to get a number, being told no is pretty disheartening.

So I couldn’t imagine the feeling for my guy right here, as tons of people witnessed his “full proof plan” implode on him on live TV.

For the most part, last night was a great night for LSU baseball fans.

The Tigers defeated the Florida Gators in a** whoopin’ fashion, 18-4, to win the College World Series. The Gators took a 2-0 lead in the first inning, and from there it wasn’t ever close again at any point.

So, you already know the LSU fans were just kicking back, relaxing, and slamming some beers while enjoying the beat down…

And one of the fans had drank enough beers (and maybe some Jell-O shots too) to the point where he mustered up the courage to shoot his shot with a pretty brunette in the crowd.

With the cameras on him, he made his way up to the woman, and before he could even really speak, she already put the hand in the face showing that she wasn’t interested.

Obviously trying to pick his pride up off the ground, he tried to play it off cool, but the woman wasn’t interested in anymore conversation.

TOUGH scene.

Or… he was just talking shit and she was a Florida Gators fan.

The world may never know…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock