College World Series Bar Hosting Jell-O Shot Competition Ran Out Of Jell-O Shots

CWS shot board
CWS Shot Board

The competition on the baseball diamond at the College World Series is no match for the competition that is happening off the field in a Jell-O shot-off at an Omaha, Nebraska bar, with this year’s edition even breaking a world record.

Ever since the college baseball version of the World Series has taken place in Omaha, a tradition that started at a bar called Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina has always garnered just as much attention as the games do.

A dry-erase marker board in the restaurant is keeping tabs on the competition, and for those keeping score at home, LSU is really running away with it and are likely to move past 50,000 Jell-O shots in the coming days.

For reference, each shot is sold for $5 a piece, meaning that LSU’s total Jell-O shot count has raked in a total of $250,000 dollars. The competition has brought in an unbelievable amount of money, and thankfully, a portion of the proceeds from each shot sold go towards food pantries for all eight respective teams on the board, as well as the Heartland Food Bank.

Here’s an update from today and some information on how the charity aspect of it works:

“Rocco’s Pizza & Cantina has sold 71,459 Jell-O shots at this year’s College World Series. 71,459 shots times $5 equals $357,295.

$1 from each shot is then donated to that school’s local food bank, and another 50 cents goes to the food bank in Omaha. That’s $107,188 in donations.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that those numbers on the board means that both a ton of Jell-O and alcohol have been used in the competition.

Interestingly enough, Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina couldn’t keep up with the demand, and made this announcement on their social media account:

“Ladies and gentlemen, you have sold us out on Jello Shots. But don’t worry our friends are working hard to stock back up.”

Tragic. Someone get Rocco’s some more Jell-O shots, stat.

And if you were wondering how the actual College World Series was going, the Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers are facing off in the championship series.

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