Calf Getting Swept Down River Saved By Precise Excavator Operator In One Swift Move

Calf in river

This excavator operator has been waiting for an opportunity like this for his entire life.

A real life crane game played out in Igdir, Turkey when a calf fell into a fast moving body of water surrounded by a fence. The young cow, clearly in distress, was likely going to drown if someone didn’t save it from the rushing river.

That’s where the excavator operator stepped in. Somehow the machinery got word that the calf was helplessly making its way down the river, and with the water moving too fast and the calf weighing too much, they knew that they would be risking their own lives if they went into the water after it.

I like to think that as the group of people were trying to sort how to save the young cow from the water, one guy was just casually sitting over to the side and as he pointed over to the heavy machinery said:

“Why don’t I just scoop it out with the excavator? Don’t think I’m weird for saying this, but I have been practicing for this exact situation.”

There might have been some initial pushback, but if someone willingly volunteers to save a young cow in distress with an excavator, you at least let them give it a try.

And that is exactly what they did. Once they spotted the calf floating towards them, the operator positioned the scoop on the side that the animal was anxiously treading water on. Though I’m sure the operator had plenty of confidence in his ability, I’m also sure that the group knew they only had one good shot at saving the animal’s life.

Once the calf started getting close to the bucket extended over the river, the operator began to submerge it down into the water. It honestly looked like they might have pulled the trigger a touch early, but it ended up being perfect timing. The operator miraculously pulled it off in one swift “moo-ve.”

Sorry, I had to do it.

As the water rushes into the bucket, it also pulls the young cow into it, and the operator quickly pulls the excavator up into the air with the calf in tow. The machine also picks up a lot of water with it, but it manages to capture the young cow and safely bring it back to shore.

As the operator begins to drop the bucket to the ground, both the dirty water and the calf come spilling out (10 points to the cow for perfect barrel roll form).

The young cow, clearly shaken up by the experience, gains back its bearings and slowly stands up as the video ends. The footage really has to be seen to be believed, so take a look for yourself at the incredible excavator rescue:

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