Zach Bryan Drops A “Go Birds” With New York Giants QB Daniel Jones On Stage

Zach Bryan country music
Ben Klau

This might be a stretch, but I think New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones was intercepted by country music star Zach Bryan.

You’ll see what I mean once you watch the video…

Zach Bryan was playing a concert at Forrest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York as a part of The Burn, Burn, Burn Tour when he brought out the young Giants quarterback Daniel Jones out onto the stage.

Jones has long been known to dabble in country music, so it was no surprise to see that he’s a fan of one of the up-and-coming stars of the genre and the two have become connected.

The only catch is that Zach Bryan is a Philadelphia sports fan. The country star and former active member of the U.S. Navy was born in Oologah, Oklahoma, but now lives in Philly after he bought a small home there.

Based on his tweets alone, you can tell that Bryan is a die-hard Eagles and Phillies fan. Or you can reference this picture from when Bryan played at the Wells Fargo Center and sported a Jalen Hurts jersey:

I’m thinking that what Bryan ended up doing was the culmination of his diabolical plan to get the New York QB out on stage…

As Daniel Jones, who just signed a contract worth $160 million dollar, four year contract this offseason, belted out the lyrics of Bryan’s hit song “Revival” to a raucous New York crowd, Bryan slid back in to pick up where the football player left off.

With Daniel Jones wrapping his arm around the country star, they both sang into the microphone:

“For the sake of my survival.”

And as Jones backed away from the microphone, Bryan quickly moved back to yell out a heartbreaking phrase that likely ripped the hearts out of New York sports fans in the crowd:

“Go Birds!”


If you aren’t familiar with football or sports in general, the saying “Go Birds” is referencing a phrase that many Philadelphia Eagles fans use to cheer on their team.

I’m sure a lot of Giants fan in attendance were just trying to enjoy their night with some loud, incredible country music, and were then reminded of the 38 to 7 thrashing that the New York team took when they faced the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL divisional round last postseason.

The fan who posted the video on Twitter was definitely a New York sports fan, captioning the video with:

“A gut wrenching go birds out of Zach Bryan.”

Pretty brave of Zach Bryan to pull that one out in front of what could quickly become a hostile New York crowd.

But the good news for Giants fans is that you can console yourself and others by listening to the very song that Bryan and Jones were singing on stage.

Go ahead and put “Revival” on repeat to drown your sorrows:

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