Zach Bryan Is Back In The Studio, Shares Video While Recording Unreleased Tune “Tourniquet”

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Zach Bryan/Twitter

The songwriting machine is back at work in the studio

Zach Bryan posted a teaser clip last night, panning around a studio with a “new” song playing in the background.

Now I say new, but if you have ever spent time in the thick of listening to unreleased songs from Bryan, you’ll recognize this one. So now to the studio, not new to super fans.

The clip of the unreleased tune, “Tourniquet,” is much more soulful in the studio cut yet still keeping that grit that we love Zach Bryan for.

Bryan even notes that the production value of this song is not his typical bread and butter, but I am very into it. It shows growth as an artist and is a more refined version of his sound, fitting the tune.

“Some’ll love it. Some’ll hate it. Everything will be okay either way.”

Given Bryan’s recent split from girlfriend, Deb Peifer, I predict we will get a handful of gut-wrenching heartbreak songs.

Fans immediately took to the comments, and to say they were elated to see new music on the horizon is an understatement.

I can’t wait to hear the final cut.

If you want to get ahead on learning the lyrics of “Tourniquet,” check out the unreleased version.

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