Levi Turner, The First Artist Signed To Zach Bryan’s Belting Bronco Records, Releases Debut Album ‘Allergy Season’

Levi Turner country music
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World, meet Levi Turner.

Hailing from the north central Georgia town of Flovilla, where he is one of less than 650 residents, Turner may just be the next big thing in country music. He’s got the right people in his corner, and plenty of music to back it up.

Yesterday, the young artist had a few thousand views on YouTube and a relatively modest social media following, but after today, things are going to be looking quite a bit different for Turner.

Zach Bryan announced today via Instagram, to his 1.8 million followers, that Levi Turner is the first artist signed to his new Belting Bronco label.

“The first artist we’ve ever signed on Belting Bronco released a record today.
A man who still writes all his own songs and an artist I’ve grown to respect and care for as a person.
This is Allergy Season by Levi Turner”

But that’s not all. Turner has also signed with Kanan Vitolo and Andrew Colvin of WME for representation, and with these teams behind him putting the infrastructure in place for him to become one of the genres next big artists, Turner’s brand new debut album Allergy Season is quite the introduction into his music.

Allergy Season, a seven track introduction into Turner’s musical prowess and style, features clever wordplay and hard hitting lyricism that is accented perfectly by his hauntingly impressive vocals.

With a sound that feels familiar but is hard to compare to anyone, and an aptitude for introspective song content that makes it obvious what Zach saw in him, Levi Turner is a diamond in the rough, and Allergy Season is a spectacular debut amidst all of this big news.

Check out the Allergy Season tracklist here:

1. “Cutting the Grass”

2. “Eleanor”
3. “Breathe”
4. “Allergy Season”

5. “Drunk Driving Airplanes”

6. “Addicts with Morals”
7. “Time Will Tell”

Sonically simple, yet lyrically complex and riddled with thoughtfully self-deprecating introspection, much like Bryan’s unique style of music, Turner’s debut Allergy Season is the start of something special. And we’re all lucky enough to be witnessing it in real time.

This is big news from the Zach Bryan camp today, and I’d imagine a life changing jump for Levi Turner and his musical career. Zach’s endorsement is a big deal these days, and to be the first to receive this high tag of approval from Zach and his team, Turner is in a pretty cool spot right now.

Go on and stream his debut album Allergy Season, and be glad you caught it before he blows up.

Oh, and he’s opening up 12 dates for Zach Bryan, too, including a couple of shows at Red Rocks.

Have yourself a day, Levi.

“Out of generosity, Zach Bryan will be having me open a few shows, and for that I’m so thankful. if you’re coming to see Zach Bryan, I’ll see you there”

Levi Turner Tour Dates with Zach Bryan

June 23: Queens, NY
June 24: Queens, NY
June 26: Morrison, CO
June 27: Morrison, CO
July 23: Cheyenne WY
Aug 14: Sioux Falls, SD
Aug 17: Nampa, ID
Aug 19: Las Vegas, NV
Aug 20: Bakersfield, CA
Aug 21: Oakland, CA
Aug 23: Los Angeles, CA
Aug 25: Glendale, AZ

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