Owl Happily Takes An Easy Snack From Fisherman On Florida Dock  

Owl eats fish
Viral Hog

Just a hungry bird.

Nothing wrong with feeding these creatures the things they already eat. Heck, you’re even helping them get meal well using less energy really.

Barred owls are beautiful birds of prey that have a wingspan of up to 4 feet wide and are known for the stripes or ‘bars’ going down across their body.

They use their diverse wildlife as targets for prey, feeding on mice squirrels and rabbits mainly but are opportunistic and will eat anything else that the can sink their talons into.

Even fish.

Especially if someone just hands it right over.

This man was out on a dock fishing in Salt Spring, Florida, when they noticed a barred owl sitting on a post nearby.

His girlfriend started filming as he went to see if he could feed it. The man tosses a fish towards the owl, without hesitation the owl jumps down and snags the fish up.

The owl flies off to enjoy its meal as the people lose it over how cool the interaction was.

Nothing beats those unexpected and cool encounters like this here.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock