Justin Moore Says It’s “Mind Blowing” That It’s Unpopular To Believe In The Bible And The Constitution

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Justin Moore’s never been one who’s afraid to speak his mind.

In a time when many artists try to stay away from hot-button issues or keep from making waves, it’s becoming more and more rare that anybody in the industry is willing to take a stand on – well, anything.

Obviously there are exceptions on both sides of the political aisle, but for the most part, everybody’s pretty sanitized when they’re in public or giving interviews.

But not Justin Moore.

Pretty much from the beginning of his career, Justin’s never really been afraid to make it known where he stands – consequences be damned. And it’s worked for him, as he’s managed to not only gain but maintain a loyal following over the years with his unfiltered and honest approach (and not to mention the fact that he just makes good country music).

Justin ruffled feathers early on in his career when he released a song called “Guns,” which made perfectly clear where he stood on the issue of gun control:

“Guns, whether Remingtons or Glocks
Come on man it ain’t like I’m slingin’ ’em on the block
I’m gonna tell you once, and listen son
As long as I’m alive and breathing,
You won’t take my guns”

In introducing the song at a show, Justin told the crowd back in 2015:

“I go back to my grandpa who retired out of the Air Force, and I go back to my grandpa who retired out of the Navy, and I think about it and I go, ‘Man, this country today is not the country that both of them fought for.’

Slowly but surely we’ve had one thing taken from us, then another, then another. Right after right after right after right.

After awhile they want us to become immune to it. They want us to become desensitized to it…

My record label goes ‘Don’t tell people the way you vote.’

I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m a Republican. I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m conservative. I believe in the Bible. I’m gonna tell you right now, as long as I’m alive, as long as I’m breathing, ain’t nobody gonna take my guns.”

And during a recent appearance on Fox News, Justin was asked about the clip from 2015. And he doubled down on the changes that we’ve seen in the current political and social climate – and why he speaks out even when it’s not the best thing for his career:

“I do, which my label and my family and everybody goes, ‘What is he doing?’…

That’s not popular to say that I believe in the Bible. That’s mind-blowing to me that that’s not popular.

I believe in the Constitution. It’s mind-blowing to me that that’s political.”

Popular or not, you’re always going to know exactly where Justin stands. As Justin says on his new album, he’s a little more “Stray Dog” these days.

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