Fisherman Catches Massive Rainbow Trout Fishing Right From The Road

Rainbow trout
Fish The Drift NZ

First of all, where exactly is this man fishing?

Sure, it’s New Zealand, but like where is he… asking for a friend.

Secondly, holy shit… that is one massive fish.

Ya gotta love it. It’s hard not to love seeing someone hook into and land an absolute smasher of a fish.

Rainbow trout fishing in New Zealand is known far and wide as some of the best in the world. These fish can grow to massive sizes up to 50 pounds and well over 40 inches. Naturally, these massive fish have people running to the river in hopes of catching a big one. Because who doesn’t love that?

This guy didn’t even have to leave the road to find them. And if that’s the case, I need to move there ASAP. I’ve never seen anyone cast from a road and come away with the type of fish that would make a person cry.

Granted, a lesson for all you bank anglers, don’t run right up to the shore and cast a line… you can scare the fish. I’m not saying stand in the parking lot, but move up the bank a little and work your way down.

Anyways, this fisherman is seen hooked into something massive as he stands right on the road nearby. He’s friend runs up the road in excitement to watch it go down.

As the fish gets close and surfaces you can’t help but get excited too.

His buddy nest the beast as the man cheers in the back ground.

What. A. Hog.

I may just go pack my bags and book a flight to New Zealand…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock