Tyler Childers Has Fans Hoping For A New Album After Performing New Unreleased Song “I’ll Wait For You” At Bonnaroo

Tyler Childers country music
Casey Garrett/YouTube

Is there a new album from Timmy Ty Childers on the way?

Tyler Childers last dropped new music back in 2022 with his three-part Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? collection.

But after becoming a father for the first time last year, and implying that he was enjoying his reduced schedule, fans weren’t sure when they would be able to expect another new album from Childers.

At Bonnaroo this weekend though, Tyler played a new, unreleased song that has given fans renewed hope that there could be another new Tyler Childers album on the horizon.

The new song, possibly called “I’ll Wait For You,” is a little bit of a departure from the music we’re used to from Tyler. It almost sounds like an ’80s power ballad love song, heavy on the piano and less of the Appalachian folk sound that’s featured heavily in Childers’ music to this point in his career:

“We were never made to run forever
We were just meant to go long enough
To find what we were chasing after
I believe I found it here in your love
So honey I’ll wait for you
Honey I’ll stand my ground”

And when he broke out the new song, fans got excited that it could mean a new album from Childers is coming soon.

Check it out – and stay tuned to see if it’s a sign that there’s more new Tyler Childers music on the way:

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