Tyler Childers Addresses His Lack Of Touring Ahead Of Spirited S.G. Goodman Cover: “I Like It That Way, I Like It A Lot””

If you’re not gonna make it out to the Healing Appalachia festival later this fall, they gave fans a free virtual concert teaser featuring Tyler Childers, Arlo McKinley, and Jeremy Pinnell that might just change your mind.

Dubbed An Evening With Healing Appalachia, the virtual show is still available to stream and while technically free, a $10 donation is encouraged.

The money will go to a great cause, with the goal of these events to be raising funds and awareness to combat opioid addiction through a wide array of projects and programs from youth prevention, healthy lifestyles and wellness to recovery houses and recovery to work.

But if the names alone weren’t enough to convince you to check it out, how about this performance from Mr. Tyler Childers.

Singing a spirited cover of SG Goodman’s “Space & Time,” he introed the song with a confession of sorts regarding his noticeable absence from touring this year:

“We’ve had ourselves an absolute blast here setting up and hanging out and playing some songs… we don’t do it nearly as often as we used to, we still do it quite a bit, but COVID and stuff like that…

We’ve been not hitting it nearly as hard as we did… not even close to nearly… we just really haven’t been going out a lot and you’re probably wondering, ‘Well, why is that Tyler?’

And, well… mostly because I like it that way, I like it a lot.”

So there you have it… simply put, Tyler likes being home. And who could blame him?

“I enjoy being here in the studio with my boys, we just play a lot of music and drink a lot of coffee, so yeah… it’s good to be here.

Anyways, we’re gonna play you a song, this is a SG Goodman cover.”

Of course, Tyler is expecting his first born child later this year with his wife Senora May, so naturally that’s one good reason to stay off the road a bit, but it sounds like Tyler doesn’t mind it all that much.

Either way, whenever Tyler does decide to get up on stage and step to the mic this year, it’ll just make it all the more sweeter.

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