Charles Wesley Godwin Shares Incredible Acoustic Performance Of “Over Yonder” While Riding A Gondola In Telluride

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Charles Wesley Godwin/Twitter

I’m not sure what’s better in this one, the backdrop or the harmonies.

For the past couple of years, any time somebody’s asked me who my favorite artist is, my response is a quick one: Charles Wesley Godwin.

From his vivid songwriting to his gritty voice, and not to mention his electric live shows, Charles really is one of the most compelling artists out there right now.

And this video is just another example of what makes him so incredible.

CWG and the boys were recently in Telluride, Colorado for a show, and while they were in town, took some time to ride the scenic gondola between Telluride and Mountain Village.

And while they were on their gondola ride, Charles took advantage of the majestic scenery as the backdrop for an acoustic performance of “Over Yonder,” from his incredible 2021 album How the Mighty Fall.

With the Rocky Mountains serving as a picturesque background for the performance (and some killer acoustics in the gondola), Charles and his band laid down harmonies that matched the beauty of the view outside of the window as they peformed:

“They say I’m born againSimple ‘sorry’ and ‘amen’I’m livin’ dyin’ by the penHeaded over yonderI’m Allegheny highLeanin’ back into my rideI’m goin’ ‘cross the great divideHeaded over yonder”

Charles is one of those artists who’s just as compelling when it’s just him and his guitar as he is when he’s backed by a full band. So I definitely wouldn’t mind some more of these videos from the gondola.

“The Gondola Sessions.” Let’s make it happen.

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