Sheep Herder Gets Absolutely WRECKED By An Angry Ram

Sheep herder gets smoked

Incase you were under the assumption that herding sheep is an easy task, think again.

I mean c’mon, it’s basically like trying to walk a large group of dogs, but about two times worse. It’s like trying to take care of a massive group of toddlers and trying to get them all to stay in one spot.

Okay okay I’ve never herded sheep before, and I more than likely never will… but from the outside looking in it doesn’t look like a good time.

And after watching this video right here, I have a ton more respect for the shepherds who left their flock to watch the birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible, because Lord knows they had a time and a half trying to round up all of those sheep back together afterwards.

Here we have what appears to be a person herding a large group of sheep down a road, seems like somewhere in Germany based on the people talking in the video. I’m not fluent on my German so let me know if I’m wrong…

The sheep seem to get spooked by the car on the road and start to take off the other direction, but you can see the biggest one runs up and completely runs the person over, probably leaving them concussed.

Then, the group of sheep begin to dart off in the other direction, taking off to who knows where.

And to make matters worse for this person, as they’re trying to get up and get their wits about them, the aggressive sheep comes back appearing to want some more, and lowers its head completely knocking the person down to the pavement again.

I mean SHEESH. If this was college football, this sheep would’ve gotten a 15 yard penalty and a one half suspension for targeting.

Tough, tough scene.

The driver begins to pull away as the road cleared and the woman is still taking a beating from this jerk of a sheep, which the car pissed off in the first place. Maybe get out to help? After all, it’s kind of your fault dude…

This ass-kicking actually happened back in 2014, and originally went viral in 2017, and is not making the rounds on the internet again.

Check it out:

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