Rabbit Bravely Stomps On Snake To Protect Her Babies

Rabbit fights snake
Giselle Koo

I can’t watch this video without thinking about the State Farm commercial where the old man is holding a fishing rod, and there’s a dollar bill at the end of the line and he keeps raising it up every time the woman tries to grab it….

And he says the iconic line:

“Oh, you gotta be quicker than that.”

Maybe that’s just me, but this video is hilarious.

I’d like to think that nature has a sense of humor sometimes, and if there was any example, this is it.

Here we have what appears to be a gopher snake, and a rabbit. They kick things off with an epic stare down, almost like they’re ready to call a draw in the wild west.

Next thing you know, the snake lunges at the rabbit, and the rabbit jumps and dodges the snake’s bite, countering with some well-timed stomps. However, the snake isn’t done yet, and continues to bite at the rabbit, but the rabbit continuously jumps and dodges the snake.

As it turns out, this rabbit has a motive… protecting its young. While rabbits would normally run from combat, this mama has young to protect, and that’s enough to get her trading blows with the snake.

And she’s up for the challenge.

It appears that the snake gets a piece of the rabbit, just some fur, and after a few more jumps and dives, the rabbit successfully chases the snake off into the brush.

I must say, this may be the most bold rabbit ever caught on video, to go toe to toe with a snake. A lot more bold than me I will say.

Not to mention, the commentary in the background is pretty funny.

Check it out:

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