Sea Lion Leaps Out Of Water & Steals Fisherman’s Mahi Mahi Right Out Of His Hands

mahi mahi stolen by sea lion
Chef on the Water

.That’s a heartbreak if I’ve ever seen it.

There’s just something great going into the great outdoors chasing after an animal, that just so happens to taste great and actually getting your hands on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fish, bird or an elk… the feeling is the same.

Knowing the source of your food, the sense of accomplishment, and being able to provide brings out feelings from deep within. And once you get into it, it’s hard to stop.

That’s why everyone we know who is into hunting and fishing have a deep passion for it. It’s hard not to talk about it with fellow outdoorsmen, swapping stories, information and recipes.

There’re a few things out there in the wild that can rip that feeling right out of your hands, quite literally.

Whether it’s a bird grabbing your fish, coyotes getting to your kill first or the big just straight up getting away, it all hurts. That sense of loss can’t really be described only experienced. It creates a deeper drive along with the question “what could I have done different?”.

The truth is there’s just somethings that are out of our control. It is the wild out there.

These fishermen set out to get some Mahi Mahi near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a popular sport fish that is fairly large and beautiful in color. Beyond that, they are one tasty fish. I can taste the fish tacos just thinking about them.

As the two men stand on the wharf getting a picture with there fresh catches, smiling proudly, the fisherman has no idea the feelings he is about to experience.

Out of nowhere, a sea lion pops his head up and snags his fish like a thief in the night, except it’s broad day light and the man was literally holding the fish.

The disappointment and disbelief are quickly followed by laughter.

Because what else do ya do in a situation like this?

According to the description, the sea lion is named Pancho, and is well known in the area for his thievery. The two men men holding the fish are Mike “The Griz” Ritz and Chef Yvan Mucharrz from Capella Pedregal, who were filming a segment for Travel Channel.

All you can do is laugh and try again tomorrow… at least the fish didn’t go to waste.

Seagull Steals Sea Lion’s French Fry & Pays The Ultimate Price

There is a reason that sea lions are named after one of the most powerful big cats in the animal kingdom.

Despite most famously being known for getting eaten by great whites and for their leading roles in countless viral airborne shark attack videos, sea lions are formidable predators in their own right.

Reaching lengths of up to 8 feet and tipping the scales at over 200 pounds they typically swim at about 18 mph and are capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 mph. They also have a voracious appetite, routinely consuming 15 – 35 pounds of food in a single feeding session.

They typically eat fish, squid, clams, and crabs. They are also known to frequently eat seals.

Though closely related, differences in their anatomy and physiology as well as some varying behavioral traits mean that sea lions and seals are two distinctly separate species. For example, sea lions have external ear flaps and the ability to walk on land using their front flippers.

Sea lions also have much louder vocalizations than seals. Seals are also smaller, and to my knowledge a sea lion has never been married to Heidi Klum.

This particular sea lion was just out here snacking on someone in the crowd’s leftover French fries though. That was until a sea gull tried to steal the soggy, salty, fried potato stick.

Not a smart move for the bird. It literally got its head ripped off for messing with the sea lions snack.

It wasn’t a clean bite either, that poor bird got shook around like a dirty gym sock in a big dog’s mouth.

Damn nature, you scary…

Bald Eagle Attacks Seagull On The Golf Course

What’s more American than waking up in the morning, drinking a cup of Folgers, hopping into your Chevy pickup truck, and hitting the golf course with your buds while a majestic Bald Eagle soars across the sky above?

Nothing. That’s what.

Well… unfortunately this video comes to us from Canada so you can ignore the USA speech entirely.

Here we see a Bald Eagle flying around a golf course in Vancouver (the irony), and it ends up chasing down a seagull. The Eagle took the gull with its talons and pulled it straight to the ground.

As the caption to the Instagram post says, Bald Eagles often times prefer the road of least resistance, but they don’t always take the easy route:

“Rather than track down and murder something everytime they’re hungry, bald eagles will more often than not take the easy way out and steal food off of other predators and/or scavenge roadkill.

This is the reason Benjamin Franklin was not keen on having the bald eagle represent the United States of America, because in his opinion the bird possessed “bad moral character” and “he (the eagle) does not get his living honestly.”

He wasn’t entirely wrong, but they will obviously take matters into their own talons when it suits them.”

How cool is this video though?

Imagine playing an early round of golf with your buddies and seeing a Bald Eagle swoop in out of nowhere. Beats the hell outta getting gored by an elk, eh?

If you listen to the video real closely, I’m sure you can hear an Aaron Tippin song playing somewhere:

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