Lil Durk Says He Wants To Make A Collaborative Album With Morgan Wallen

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Morgan Wallen and rapper Lil Durk are quite the unexpected duo.

But they’ve actually worked together a couple different times now, first on their mega hit single “Broadway Girls” in 2021, and more recently, a song called “Stand By Me,” which was featured on Durk’s Almost Healed album that dropped last month.

They’re easily two of the biggest acts in their respective genres, and it sounds like Durk wants to take it a step further than just released one-off singles together…

He tweeted yesterday that he wants them to put out an entire collaborative album:

“Me and Morgan need to do an album together be the 1st to do it. Let’s do it Morgan.”

And judging by the success and fan reaction of their last two singles, it seems highly likely that it would be a smashing success too, so maybe one day they’ll really make it happen:

It also looks like they’ve become fishing buddies over the last month or so while Morgan’s been on mandatory vocal rest:

After they put out “Broadway Girls” together a couple years ago, Durk received some backlash from fans because of Morgan’s racial slur incident that had him suspended from his record label and banned from country radio for a little while.

Durk defended Morgan at the time, saying he hadn’t seen the racial slur video when he first reached out to Morgan, but that Morgan was upfront about it and told him what happened from the beginning:

“I just asked him like, ‘Shit, how do you really feel? Like, do you really feel like that?’ I’m like ‘You can just tell me the truth.’

And he really just broke it down to me like, drunk mistake, everybody makes mistakes. Then when I went to go hang out with him I felt the love from him, like the vibe from him, and I was just telling him ‘The world’s gonna make you seem like somebody you ain’t anyway.’”

Durk also said that he didn’t believe that Morgan was racist, and that he wouldn’t have done the collaboration with him if he did:

“If I feel he was a racist, I would have never did it anyway.”

We’ll see what happens in terms of their future plans for working together, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them team up for something more substantial than a single, because it looks like they’ve formed a real friendship and enjoy blending their musical styles and genres.

“Broadway Girls”

“Stand By Me”

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