Bill Murray & “Milkshake” Singer Kelis Are Reportedly Dating

Bill Murray and Kelis
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Well, I can’t say I had this on my 2023 bingo card.

We’ve all heard the 2003 hit song “Milkshake” by Kelis, and we’ve all probably, ashamed or not, sang the lyrics at some point as well. And now, it’s stuck in your head… I’m sorry.

And if you were wondering what Kelis is up to these days (nobody really was) the 43-year-old singer is now dating legendary actor and comedian Bill Murray, according to the US Sun.

Yes, Bill Murray and Kelis.

The outlet says the 72-year-old actor and the singer sparked a relationship when Murray was watching her perform her set at the Mighty Hoopla festival in South London last weekend.

He was also seen supporting her at other shows as well.

Sources also say that they’ve been spotted together at the same hotel, and have been “getting close for a while” after meeting in the US.

A friend told the outlet:

“They’ve met up in the States before which got people in the industry talking, and now are meeting up in London while they’re both here. They’ve clearly hit it off.

They were both seen at the same hotel, and he’s been to watch her perform several times before he went to Mighty Hoopla. But they’ve also both shared relatively recent bereavements and have common bond between them.

Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it seems, they are both single and are having fun despite the fairly big age gap.”

I suppose the jury is still out on “all the boys,” but that milkshake sure as hell brought Bill Murray to the yard.

Good for them.

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