Nashville Accountant Got A Job As Security Guard At Taylor Swift Concert After He Couldn’t Secure Tickets

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Well played Nashville accountant, well played.

A ticket to Taylor Swift‘s “The Eras Tour” is one of the hardest tickets to get this summer. When you mix in the significant demand with the sky-high prices, one might even say it’s close to impossible to score a seat to a Swift concert.

But while the rest of us were playing checkers, Dave Perrigo was playing chess.

Perrigo, who is an accountant in Nashville, was facing these same intense prices when he hatched an idea. If he couldn’t fight the fans (and the evil mastermind known as TicketMaster) to successfully obtain a ticket, he would just find another way there.

That “other way” turned out to be pretty smart because not only did he find a way to the Taylor Swift concert at Nissan Stadium, he got paid to do it.

Perrigo told Channel 5 News that he decided to apply for a job as a security guard at the concert about a month before Swift came to town, and he ended up getting the gig. As always with Swift shows, the fans (along with Perrigo) were pretty into it.

“I’ve been to all sorts of sporting events, this was the loudest I’ve ever heard it, the fans were so unbelievably loud.”

Being an accountant, Perrigo clearly “did the math” on the situation and came out on top. Though he didn’t have a seat to the concert per say, where he was positioned during the show could be considered one of the best seats in the house (if he could have turned around).

Though he could not have his phone during the concert, the Nashville resident ended up going viral on TikTok because of some other fans who videoed him singing along to literally every single word of every single song.

The video linked below shows Perrigo with his back to the stage singing his heart out to “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Funny enough, the “part-time security guard” got into a little trouble himself, with members of Swift’s security team allegedly telling him to “cool it a bit” after he got a little too into the performance.

He must’ve been such a big fan and got wrapped up into the songs so much that he forgot he was technically there to be a security guard. However, it seems to be on brand for the Taylor Swift fan.

Perrigo adds:

“My wife, she jokes that I sing Taylor Swift songs with such passion for someone who’s never been broken up with.”

And as for how he felt about the whole “going viral” situation, the Nashville accountant didn’t seem to mind too much about his time in the limelight:

“It really was a blessing that I didn’t get tickets.”

I can only imagine how many “Swifties” will be applying for security jobs now for the rest of her “Eras Tour.”

Hell, I might even keep the idea in mind for some concerts I’m looking into…

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