Bald Eagle Breaks Window And Flies Into Washington Home Located On “American Lake”

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Why are there no knock knock jokes about freedom? Because freedom rings.

Except sometimes it just flies straight through the window.

Two Washington homeowners were paid an unexpected visit – and got quite the scare – when a bald eagle broke through a window and flew into their living room earlier this week.

Steve Hiatt told KING 5 that he heard what he thought was an intruder throwing around plates and silverware downstairs in the home. But when he grabbed his gun and went down to check it out, he saw a large wing emerge from behind the living room chair – and decided just to turn back around.

“I grabbed my gun and start coming down the stairs yelling ‘Hey I’m armed, put your hands up, I’ll shoot.’

And then the eagle pops up and you can see its white head, and this thing had flown through the glass and was trying to figure out how to get back out.

I went back upstairs because who wants to deal with talons, right? Didn’t sound like a good time.”

Steve and his wife Jessica called the police, who sent out an officer from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to help escort the unwanted visitor out.

After the bird spent about 20 minutes exploring the home, it finally found its way out the same way it came in: Through the hole it had broken in the glass window – but apparently not before ripping a houseplant to shreds.

The couple says that the unexpected visit may have actually been a “divine sign” after they both got eagle tattoos after their wedding last year, though I’m sure they probably don’t want one of the large birds as a houseguest.

Luckily nobody was hurt, including the couple’s small puppy, and the eagle ultimately was able to fly away unscathed.

Oh, and the best part? The couple live on American Lake. A bald eagle crashing through a window into a home on American Lake? Tell me that’s not the most patriotic thing you’ve ever heard.

It’s just a good thing they didn’t get lion or tiger tattoos. Could have been a whole lot worse to have one of those come crashing through your window.

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