Miranda Lambert On Morgan Wallen And His Tumultuous Journey Becoming A Superstar: “People Are Who They Are, And Nobody’s Perfect”

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Miranda Lambert scored her first #1 song as a writer in February.

Specifically, it was the first time she topped the country charts as a co-writer who wasn’t actually the lead or featured vocalist, when Morgan Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know” took the top spot.

Of course, she’s had several hits of her own where she either wrote or co-wrote her own song that went #1, but this was the first time she’d had a hit outside of that.

“Thought You Should Know” was also included on the tracklist for Morgan’s behemoth of a 36-song One Thing at a Time album and is easily one of my favorites in his catalog, probably because it’s the most “country.”

And in a recent interview with American Songwriter, Miranda shared that the idea came when Morgan told them he wanted to write something for his mom during their session, and she and fellow co-writer Nicolle Galyon were happy to help:

“It was one of those magic moments where everything just worked. [He said,] ‘I want to write a song for my mom.’ I’m like, ‘I’m all about that and you picked the two right girls.’

It just fell out. Now he’s out there kicking ass. I’m just really happy that it wasn’t forgotten.

And of the controversies he’s been through over the last several years during his meteoric rise to fame, most recently his cancellation of his headlining show in Oxford, Mississippi minutes before he was supposed to take the stage, Miranda says becoming a public figure can be extremely hard to navigate in the beginning.

Of course, she’s no stranger to negative press attention, either (her very public divorce from Blake Shelton comes to mind first), so she had some words of wisdom about the matter, saying “people are who they are, and nobody’s perfect.”

Miranda also said that she’s happy to support “any new artist,” and if everybody loves you, “you’re probably not doing it right”:

“People are who they are, and nobody’s perfect. This whole journey and learning how to be a public figure is a very hard thing to navigate at first.

You can’t trust people; people will throw you under the bus if they can. But you gotta learn that for yourself. I’m happy to be supportive of any new artist.

My honest opinion about artists, in general, is if everybody loves you, you’re probably not doing it right. I think there’s something to being polarizing. There’s something to having people be passionate one way or the other.”

It’s hard to argue with her there, for better or worse, I guess…

She was also one of the first people to publicly reach out to Morgan in 2020 after he was removed from the Saturday Night Live lineup after not following their COVID policies, and it seems that she still has his back since he’s found himself in trouble a few more times since, most notably his N-word controversy in 2021.

And since it sounds like the pair of country superstars have formed a pretty solid friendship over the last several years, maybe they’ll work together again sometime soon.

Miranda has been teasing lately that she has a couple collaborations up her sleeve that are coming “very soon,” so who knows… Morgan could very well be one of them:

“Though You Should Know”

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