Miranda Lambert Voices Support For Morgan Wallen After SNL Removal: “You’re A Sweetheart, We Got You”

Miranda Lambert and woman posing for a picture

Morgan Wallen has found some support in the form of Miranda Lambert.

Yesterday, Morgan announced that he would no longer be performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend after multiple videos surfaces of him partying in Tuscaloosa this past weekend. Morgan was in Tuscaloosa to watch Alabama take on Texas A&M and while Bama put a beat down on the Aggies to the tune of 52-24, Morgan himself was also winning… with the ladies.

Drink were drunk, ladies were kissed… Morgan was livin’ it up like the rockstar that he is. Obviously, none of that is surprising other than the fact that we’re in a pandemic and swapping spit with a bunch of college gals might not bode well for limiting the spread of the virus.

And sure, quarantine for a couple weeks, go get tested (which Morgan did and came back negative) and then get back to business. Except Morgan was supposed to play Saturday Night Live this weekend…. and they’re went having it. Also not surprising…

Morgan issued his announcement to Instagram along with an apology and promise to be a little more responsible. You have to give it to anybody that can take the time to recognize the errors of their ways, and I’m sure Morgan will take a little time to reevaluate the situation, after all it cost him and his team a shot at SNL, an opportunity many would kill for.

But more than that, artists have reached out to voice their support, most notably Miranda Lambert.

“You’re a sweetheart, we got you.”

Plenty of fans had their own opinions about Miranda Lambert, who has had her own fair share of “scandals” as they put it, voicing her support. But it has to give you comfort as a rising star in country music to know that arguably the baddest female artist in the business is in your corner.

Stay tuned… I’m sure we’ll see Morgan back on SNL in the near future.

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