Driver Dishes Out Vicious Ground And Pound During California Road Rage Fight

road rage

I get LA traffic (and people) can be pretty bad, but man this got out of hand in a hurry.

Drivers near the intersection of De Soto Avenue and Nordhoff Street in the San Fernando Valley were stunned when they saw two men exit their cars and get into an no holds barred brawl in the middle of the street.

According to the person who captured the video, the drivers were following each other for a little while and drinks were thrown out the window in the apparent road rage incident.

In the video, we can see both drivers exit their cars but the one who looks to be the aggressor is holding some sort of bat or stick and is swinging it at the other driver. But that stick did him little good when the guy he was attacking showed some legit MMA skills, shooting a nice double leg takedown, moving to half guard, and dropping some vicious ground and pound elbows and punches.

The guy had to have some kind of training because those strikes were no joke.

The police were called but so far neither driver has been identified.

Who know what caused this, but the lesson to all of us is just don’t get out of your car to fight someone. Even if you think you’ll be safe because you’ve got some sort of weapon, you never know what the other person may know, so its best to just not wage war with a stranger in the middle of the street.

Also, you know the winner had been dreaming of this moment for so long…

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