Brawl Breaks Out After High School Baseball Team Brings A Broom To The Handshake Line, Coach Swings On Student

Baseball brawl

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that high school sports rivalries can get out of hand.

Seriously, growing up you always know who the rival high school is in your hometown, and by the time you get to high school yourself, it’s just in your blood to strongly dislike your rival school whenever you play them in sports.

Not to mention, throw in a bunch of kids who are still going through puberty and the hormones are going wild, its almost a guarantee for there to either be a verbal or physical altercation at these games.

And we saw the worst part of high school sports rivalries brought out recently, and it went down between Norwalk and Mayfair High School in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

Norwalk swept Mayfair in a two-game series, winning the last game 3-2.

Once the game ended and the two teams met up for the handshake line, you can see one Norwalk player walk out with a broom to indicate a “sweep,” and he even swept over home plate as he walked by.

That’s when things started to get really tense.

After a few seconds, you can see a verbal altercation break out, which ultimately turned into one Mayfair player running in and throwing a haymaker on a Norwalk player.

And it gets even worse from there, as you can see a Mayfair coach run into the mix and throw some punches at some players, and there even appears to be a parent out there holding a bat.

According to TMZ, the California Interscholastic Federation and officials from the two schools are still gathering information on the event, and punishment is more than likely inevitable at this point.

Officials said:

“An update will be released once the investigation is complete.”

You can check out the wild brawl here:

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