Baby Barn Owl Is Absolutely Terrified Hearing Thunder For The First Time

Barn owl

How hilarious is this?

Just a little bird that has never heard that loud noise before.

I love nest cams. They constantly capture unique and amazing footage of all sorts of different birds, getting a unique look into the life from the tree tops.

Barn owls are one of the most recognizable bird species, known for their distinctive heart-shaped faces. Barn owls are medium-sized birds, measuring up to 20 inches in length with a wingspan of up to 47 inches. They have a distinctive heart-shaped facial disc that helps them locate prey in the dark.

They are nocturnal hunters who use their hearing and vision to locate prey in the dark. They primarily hunt small mammals, like rodents and shrews, but will also eat birds, reptiles, and insects. Silent hunters, they possess specially-adapted feathers that muffle the sound of their wings as they fly.

Barn owls typically mate for life and breed once per year, with the breeding season beginning in late winter or early spring. Females lay between 2-12 eggs in a clutch, with an average of 4-6 eggs. Barn owl chicks are born with a fluffy white down that gradually darkens as they age. They grow rapidly, reaching their full adult size within 10-12 weeks. By this time, they are able to fly and hunt on their own.

Barn owls nest in a variety of locations, including trees, cliffs, and man-made structures like barns or church steeples. They typically use abandoned nests made by other birds or create their own nests by hollowing out a cavity in a tree or other structure.

Early on in their lives, they will get left in the nest if they can’t fly, while the parents are out hunting.

This leads to living out there by their young selves.

Lightning struck as this baby barn owl sat in the nest by itself. The reaction to what comes after lightning is to pure and cute.

The baby owl is seen standing in the middle of the nest looking up at the sky. A loud crack of thunder starts and the owl quickly backs up against the wall and stares up with horror wondering what that deep noise is.

Just out here learning about the world.

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