Lion Goes On Dead Sprint Across Field After Two Locked-Up Gazelles


Gotta keep your head on a swivel out in the wild…

The pecking order in the animal kingdom is quite scary. These two gazelles in the video were worried about battling one another, and it ends up costing one of them their lives.

It appears that a herd of gazelles in Africa had settled down in an area to rest when two of them began to fight each other. The fight could have been to establish dominance or to impress a potential partner, but the pair of gazelles would have been better off dropping whatever it was they were doing and working together.

You’ll notice that something gets the attention of the other laying gazelles off in the distance, and they all begin to flee. The two fighting animals are too busy to notice that the rest of their group has ran away.

The quality of the video doesn’t allow for the viewer to make out what exactly is rumbling through the Sahara towards the gazelles, but its still clear that it probably won’t end well for at least one of them.

The person shooting the footage can be heard behind the camera watching the big cat running down the pair say:

“Just wait.

Just wait.

Just wait.”

As the approaching lion gets closer and closer, the two horned animals continue to tango, unaware of the immediate danger that lies outside of their duel.

By the time that the two gazelles become aware that the lion is upon them, its too late. As their fight breaks up, the lion lunges at one of them and violently takes it down.

One of the two luckily gets away, while the other becomes the lion’s lunch.

The camera operator (laughing while he says it, which is kind of morbid) narrates the lion’s take down by stating:

“It’s over.

It’s over.

It’s over.”

Watch the unfortunate end for the gazelle below, and keep an eye on the horizon for the big cat that is absolutely “booking it” to get to the two distracted, fighting animals:

The way the lion chases down the two unsuspecting gazelles is pretty scary, and even a little reminiscent of the fashion that Jason or Michael Myers chase down their victims in their respective horror films.

Except they usually just walk after their prey, while this lion was running full sprint.

This will be a pretty obscure reference for most, but I’m hoping that at least some of you have seen the Will Ferrell movie Land of the Lost from 2009.

The lion’s chase down from a distance reminded me of the scene from the movie (which I believe flopped at the box office) where Ferrell and Danny McBride’s characters spot a menacing, claw-snapping crab on the horizon slowly approaching them.

Instead of meeting their fate and being eaten though, the crab drops down into a hot spring and shoots back up as a fully cooked dinner.

The movie was really stupid, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Take a look:

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