Giant Alaskan Brown Bear Walks Dangerously Close To Tourists At Katmai National Park

Brown bear katmai

I get there may be times at a National Park that wildlife gets a bit closer to you than expected, but this is just so far past the line.

Growing to 9 feet long and weighing over 1,000 pounds, brown bears have long been king of the coastal regions of Alaska. They feed on fish, caribou, moose, and honestly any piece of meat they can get their hands on, which makes what these visitors to Katmai National Park in southwest Alaska did absolutely outrageously dangerous.

While walking the park’s trails, the group noticed a monster brown bear making its way toward them.

Now, most people would try to move away and give the giant predator some space to avoid being eaten, but not this group of Einsteins. They decided to stand right in the path, take out their phones and get a video.

Sure, he didn’t look upset or aggravated, but one wrong step and they could have been turned into lunch in no time.

Fortunately, the bear just went about his business and even took a gander at a picture of a brown bear on a sign before turning around and leaving the area, but for the love of all things good, can people stop doing this?

I get no one things that they’ll be the one who ends up getting tossed by a bison or charged by an elk, but we see so many of these videos it’s hard to believe people still think the world is one big old petting zoo.

Happy that nothing bad happened to these guys, but please, I am begging you people, stop getting so close to meat eating monsters.

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