Bozo Gets Charged By Bull Elk At The Grand Canyon, Decides To Get Even Closer

Grand Canyon elk

I just don’t get it.

I will never understand why somebody would think it’s a great idea to get within a few yards and in sight of a massive bison, moose, bear, or bull elk, you name it… and think it’s gonna end well.

People don’t understand that even though the majority of those creatures feed off vegetation, they’re gonna be sure to stand their ground whenever they feel like an unusual presence could possibly threaten them, and a lot of the time, it never ends well.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to national park moron tourist number 84,679.

This one takes place at Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona.

It appears that a bull elk with massive antlers had made its way close to a campsite.

Of course, the tourists were in awe and not using their fully functional brain, and one of them decided to get up close and personal to it for a picture.

That’s when the bull elk lowers its antlers, and relentlessly charges straight for the cameraman before backing away.

Yeah, one would think that the move may be a warning sign to not try it again, right?

But nah, ol’ buddy with his fancy “western” hat decided to walk up to the elk even closer this time for a picture, completely forgetting about how his life nearly flashed before his eyes in his first attempt.

And what do you think happened next?

You guessed it… the bull elk charges straight for the guy AGAIN.

Everybody’s laughing in the video and giving him a hard time, and one of his friends even calls him a “dumb motherf*cker,” but they probably wouldn’t have been laughing too much if the guy would’ve gotten impaled by one of the antlers.

Lesson learned? Probably not…

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