Canada Lynx Takes A Couple Kicks To The Head Trying To Take Down A Deer


That cat really wants that deer.

I wouldn’t be taking a boot to the face for any deer I’m chasing. I say that, but I probably would for the right one.

In this insane video filmed near Fort Saint John, British Columbia, we get to see just how powerful a lynx can be, even against an animal that weighs four times more than it does.

For starters, a full grown Canada lynx tops out around 30 pounds, with most of them weighing somewhere around 20-25. A mule deer doe can get up near 200 pounds but most of them clock in somewhere around 150 pounds.

Lynx are carnivores and primarily eat small mammals like rabbits, squirrels, and rodents. They are also known to prey on birds, reptiles, and insects. They are opportunistic hunters and will eat whatever prey is available to them.

Stealthy hunters, they use a combination of stalking and ambushing techniques to catch their prey. They are incredibly agile and can jump up to 12 feet in a single bound. They use their powerful hind legs to jump and catch their predators in a flash. They typically aim for the neck or throat of their prey, delivering a fatal bite to bring it down.

While Canada lynx primarily hunt small prey, they are also known to take down larger animals, including deer. It’s not common for them to prey on deer, they have been known to do so when other prey is scarce. And while they will typically go after fawns or smaller deer, they have been known to attack larger deer as well.

A mule deer is seen here, bedded down in the snow. It stands up and braces for something.

The Canada lynx comes into view and immediately takes a double kick straight to the face. That doesn’t discourage him though. The ferocious cat is back to his feet and latches onto the deer’s face with every bit of fight he has.

The deer spins as the lynx holds on for dear life, like a rodeo cowboy holds onto a bull.

It’s pretty crazy watching this just purely based on the size difference. That’s a 100-150 pound deer and a maximum of a 30 pound cat. That’s a lot of fight in one small animal.

Nature is nuts.

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According to Hinterland Outdoors, the lynx killed the muley and was spotted days later enjoying the spoils of its victory.

Here’s a look at the end result.

And he was still there, four days later.

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